Anne Launcelott, SCA, Fine Art Photographer





"The world is my canvas, the camera is my brush."

Anne lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a self-taught photographer who received her first camera as a 15th birthday present from her father.

Anne is captivated by the diversity of cultures and is inspired by people and the themes of every day life. She is attracted to colour, texture and light and these elements provide a rich backdrop for her subjects. Combining her two passions, photography and travel, Anne has a greater appreciation for the world around her.

A photograph has the ability to capture emotion in a fraction of a second. Anne wants to draw the viewer in and evoke in them an emotion by telling a story about life and the human condition through her photographic imagery.

Anne has exhibited in group shows in China and across Canada and has had many successful solo exhibitions in Nova Scotia. She has had photographs chosen for publication, most notably as a chapter heading in "The Practice of Contemplative Photography: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes", and her work is part of the permanent collection of the Art Bank of Nova Scotia, The Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage Preservation, Toronto, and the Photography Museum of Lishui, China. This May 2017, she will be part of an exhibit in Dalmine, Bergamo, Italy.



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