• "Trio in Blue"
  • "Ojo Caliente"
  • "Canocito at Apache Canyon NM"
  • "Rancho de Taos"
  • "San Filipe Albuquerque"

George Sanders, SCA

"My work reflects many changes over many years, but always based on the same artistic values.

My early training was abstract, but as I have traveled through time and many places, I have worked with landscape and figurative painting done on site or from sketches, never from photographs. I would describe my work as minimal realism.

I have begun to include abstract painting, which is quiet and meditative and basically the foundation of all my work."

George Sanders - died December 15, 2015.

George Sanders played a pivotal part in the early formation of our society. He was instrumental in founding and naming the John Black Aird Gallery. George served as president of SCA (1993-1996) and was a special friend to all who knew him.">


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