Kathryn Manry, SCA

Kathryn Manry grew up near the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. She studied painting and art history at the University of Calgary and Queens University, and subsequently attended Banff School of Fine Arts. As well as painting, Kathryn spent a number of years working in clay. Her current focus is entirely on painting, working primarily in oil and acrylic.

A love of the outdoors has been a touchstone in all of Kathryn’s work. A keen hiker, paddler and skier, her inspirations are found along the trail and from her kayak. Her attention to the changing dynamics of environmental conditions provides challenging material for Kathryn’s paintings. An interest in ornithology turns up in some of her work.

The water series examines the many faces of this natural element in its variety of forms – which may be the calm, reflective surface of lake, the wave forms on the ocean... My task is to identify the natural dynamic that produces this interesting watery form or design in nature, and to then translate that into paint, working with compositional choices to portray the inherent visual qualities of water. “Clipped out” from the natural environment, I enjoy how these images can flip back and forth between a fairly literal depiction of a watery scene and, if the reference to the source is set aside, a very abstract composition.


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