Peter Marsh, SCA

Peter Marsh is a member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC President 2009- 2011), The Ontario Society of Artists(OSA) and The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and is honoured to have been adjudicated into these outstanding long time Canadian art societies.

Peter’s watercolour paintings are spread far and wide after over 50 years of painting and have won various awards. Peter is a winner of the Julius Griffith Award from the CSPWC. His work concerns itself with the tradition of Canadian Landscape Painting but perhaps more importantly he has a unique branch of personal expression that entertains visual perception and how we perceive reality. Peter’s other interests are figure drawing and painting, and from time to time pottery. He also uses oils and acrylics.

Peter was the first and long-time Art Director at Wexford Collegiate School For The Arts and is honoured to have a gallery there named after him during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the school, “The Peter Marsh Gallery”. You can view much more of Peter’s work at

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