Richard Brzozowski, SCA

Richard Brzozowski believes the wood artist’s role is to encourage each piece of timber to reveal its inherent beauty; to create a form that truly reflects the characteristics of the tree – always a compromise between the artist’sintent and the organic nature of the wood.

He turned his first bowl (which he still owns) at the age of thirteen under the high school programme of the Royal Society of Arts. He has never looked back. Richard, who teaches the art of woodturning athis Prince Edward County studio, acknowledges the support of world-class turners including David Ellsworth and the late Keith Rowley.

“The challenge in wood art is to make the difficult look simple – a gracefully curved, very thin bowl; a multi-axis turning or a ‘how did he do that’ piece.”

As a painter, though largely self-taught, he has rigorously pursued technical and artistic training, moving from photo-realism to impressionism and, in recent times, to non-figurative ‘Lyrical Abstraction’.Richard has been strongly influenced by ‘Les Automatistes’, a group of revolutionary mid-20th century Montreal artists. Their bravura and passion were contagious and have led to the spontaneity he enjoys today. An award-winning artist, his paintings have been used for art-show posters and wine labels.

 ‘With each painting I hope to generate an emotive response in the viewer – sometimes peace, other times excitement. I endeavour to engage the viewer through the painting’s composition and use of colour.”

He has been invited to participate in numerous exhibitions. His paintings and turnings are held in collections in Canada, Greece, England, Poland, China and the United States.

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