How to Get Involved

Why become involved?

Volunteering with the SCA provides the opportunity to network with fellow dedicated SCA member artists with similar background and interests. Join a great team!!

How can you be involved?

  • Volunteering on SCA committees and assisting with local SCA events and exhibitions, providing workshops and demos
  • Submitting articles to the SCA newsletter, SCA Blog, Twitter account and FaceBook pages
  • Attending invited workshops and annual social activities (Winter Holiday party, Annual General Meeting)
  • Serving on the SCA Executive. Call for nominations for SCA Executive Board positions are being accepted until June 3, 2017. Please complete the Nomination_Form_for_SCA_Executive_Positions_2017-2019 and submit a one-page summary of intent and brief biography (maximum of 400 words) with the name of the Executive Position for which you are running.

Vacant 2017-2019 SCA Executive Committee Positions (Directorships)

Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair (Director)
The duties and responsibilities of the Treasure and Finance Committee shall be to:

  1. Prepare the SCA annual budget
  2. Maintain accurate bank records of all SCA accounts.
  3. Supervise deposit and withdrawal from all SCA accounts.
  4. Prepare a quarterly review of SCA accounts, including statements of income and expense, assets and liabilities.
  5. Secure and distribute an annual audited statement.
  6. Supervise issue of annual dues reminders and receipts.
  7. Manage charitable donations.
  8. Supervise bookkeeping arrangements.
  9. Coordinate the appointment and removal of signing officers.
  10. Manage SCA insurance and GST obligations.
  11. Explore fund raising activities.

Webmaster and Website Committee Chair (Director)
The duties and responsibilities of the Webmaster and Website Committee shall be to:

  1. Update, add and/or delete SCA member’s contact information as per changes to membership registration database.To collect meaningful web statistics and share these with the Communications committee on a regular basis.
  2. Issue password and login information for personal page access as well as on-line gallery.
  3. Respond to members’ queries regarding uploading their images and biography text.
  4. Ensure that all information on the SCA website is current and accurate.  Upload attachments and other files, maintain dates and move past event documents to archive sections or removed when appropriate e.g., calls for artist, newsletters, announcement of upcoming exhibitions, Elected membership information document, and application form for elected membership.
  5. To investigate and propose technologies which will help the Society with improved management of business and/or increasing efficiency (as required), in cooperation with the Finance and Communications Committees.