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Kristen Federchuk, SCA

Inspired by the natural environment around her, Kristen Federchuk obtained a degree in Environmental and Conservation Science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  After working in both the government and private sector, she began to pursue her love of art.


Kristen is a self-taught artist whose detail oriented paintings achieve a high level of realism. She is an Alberta based artist whose artwork has been collected worldwide. All of her artwork is original acrylic on canvas paintings. She is currently an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). Kristen has been selling her work privately and publicly since 2004 including a select number of commissioned paintings. 


“It is my intent to give Glory to God and be a blessing to others through the talent He has given me. ” 


Artist Statement:

I am drawn into my work by the play of light and shadow within the landscape and I strive to capture this strength within my paintings.  I then use this play of light and shadow to create large abstract shapes that are then brought to life through a series of fine and delicate detail work. It is really the detailing that keeps me tied to a painting, the excitement of capturing the minute details that are missed at first glance and which continually provide something new to be found each day. It is my intent that the observer will feel as though they are within the painting as it is brought to life through these interactions and that it will awaken within them a sense of peacefulness, serenity and refreshment. 




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