Conny Jager, SCA

Conny Jager is a watercolourist residing in Calgary, Alberta. She received her BFA and B.Ed from the University of Lethbridge in 1995. A former teacher, Conny has been honing her watercolour skills as an extension of drawing and her work is often highly detailed and time consuming to complete. Her paintings have recently been accepted into three International Watercolour Society shows and the 2016 Open Water competition. She prefers to work in a series, and transitions from more organic images to highly architectural, urban scenes.

Conny’s paintings reference her travels and personal memories but they often maintain a focus on light, reflection, and varying textures.

Conny is an active member of the Calgary Artist’s Society and Riverview Artists where she shows and sells her work directly to the public. She is excited at the opportunity to join the Society of Canadian Artists and hopes to meet more artists and learn from them to help grow and develop her artistic journey.

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