Susan Blackadar, SCA

Watercolour was the medium Susan found would expedite what she wanted to express with paint paper and brush. When she began showing her work fifteen years ago there was a comfort level with the quick dry, no mess, freshness of watercolour. Susan experimented with technique, colour, line and subject matter. Working in series of subjects led her into subtle style changes. It is very natural for Susan to push for a little more and a little different, and in doing so she began the art form of Printmaking. Upon joining Image Matrix Printmaking of Mississauga, she found a new source of excitement added to her work. Experimenting with different methods of printmaking, Susan has found new and interesting textures and techniques to use collectively in her work. Working with collagraphs brought the desire to use collage in her art and has grown more important in her recent work. Susan attended and experimental water media workshop with Louise Cadillac, in Acapulco, Mexico in January 2004, resulting in a new and exciting series of work. It goes without saying that collage and printmaking have become an important ingredients in the expansion of her work. In 2004, Susan's artwork is a combination of all media she has found and chosen to use and trust in the expression of her artwork.


"Jurors Choice Award", "Award of Excellence", and "Paraskeva Clarke Award" at the Bells Corners Art League 1990

"Honourable Mention" at the Burlington Fine Arts Group Members Show 1992

"Honourable Mention" at the Oakville Art Society 1992

"Honourable Mention" at the Rivercrest Annual Show 1993

"Best in Show" at he Rivercrest Annual Show 1994

"Honourable Mention" at the Visual Arts Mississauga 1995

"Best in Show" at the Springbank Art Centre Mississauga 1998

"Honourable Mention" at Oakville Arts Council-First Juried Show 2000

"People Choice Award" at The Mayor's Award Dinner 2001

"The Jurors Award" at the Oakville Arts Council Juried Show 2001.

Susan has been a "Fellow" of the Ottawa Watercolour Society, a juried member of the Society of Canadian Artists, and the Colour and Form Society. She is a member of Visual Art Mississauga and the Image Matrix Printmaking of Mississauga.

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