• Reflecion in Transit
  • Geometric Transition
  • Traces V
  • Trnasitional Stillness
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Spring Snowfall
  • In Transit
  • Drive Through!!STOP!!
  • Reflection in Transit
  • Between Transition
  • Digital Telepathy
  • Traces VI
  • Transitions II
  • Traces III
  • Transitional Reflection

Tatianna O'Donnell, SCA, SCA, ASA


The paintings in this series are about the transitional views between destinations. What happens in between is usually unrecorded; it’s not monumental or stunning. It just is…in between.


My paintings have always been about line, shape and texture. I now introduce space …the transitional space in between where we have been and where we are going, the space in memories.


When we travel we look forward to our destination. It is said that it’s about the journey, and yet in our normal every day journey through life, as we move from one appointment or one location to another, we do not record this in between-ness. We move swiftly past landscapes, buildings, and people that we don’t really see or take into account.


The skewed focus of the subject is reminiscent of what we have missed; what has gone before. It suggests memory of time past. A time that has been stored somewhere in the deepest and darkest of our memory. Out of focus and skewed, for our memories are all skewed from our own perspective.


The world around me is my inspiration in its various forms, textures, shapes and colours. The inner response to these, the intuitiveness is an important element and is of interest to me as an artist and as a human being.




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