Aniko Vida, SCA

Aniko Vida classical realist still life oil painter.
She was born in 1972 in Hungary. She started painting at the age of early childhood and all her life has been revolving around visual arts ever since.
She completed her art-schools in Hungary. At the age of 22 she started to learn from a master of the Flemish Baroque and Renaissance oil painting techniques (glazing). Later following a decade of studying other painting styles as well she returned to the oil paintings of realist still life. Her artwork was presented by the Csok Istvan Gallery, Budapest.
She paints classical realist still life of flowers, fruits and antique items.
She paints with oil on board or sometimes on canvas using the "Old World technique" of glazing –  the use of thin layers of paint diluted with oil that are applied in successive layers through the course of time. Each layer must first dry before the next application. This is a labor and time intensive method that precludes an artist from simply concentrating on one composition at a time. The art of glazing develops richness in detail and color without the use of heavy applications of paint, but because it is such a slow process, few artists choose to use it at the present time.
One of her relevant commissioned large painting was presented to the Canadian 419 Squadron at Cold Lake Air Force Base in 2004. It depicts a Moose, the symbol of the squadron.

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