Jeff Ferst, SCA


I am a colourist. I paint colourful and heavily textured canvases that have been described as flamboyant, juicy and life affirming. I was born in NYC and studied art at New York University. My earliest recollections are of my mother trying to instill culture in me and my siblings by taking us each Saturday to a different venue/event - concert, museum, festival.My major influencers was Kandinsky, Klee and the Bauhaus movement. In university I was fortunate to receive my first NYC gallery representation. And I was upon graduation given the distinction of a Founders Day Award and mentioned in Who's Who in American Universities.After university I moved to Toronto to begin my artistic career. 

Over the years representation and my art changed and grew. I was selected and participagted in group and solo shows, had my work placed in corporate and private collections. And I particpated in large shows like Art Expo, Red Dot and Scope in the US and similar shows in Canada.

In 2012 I decided to move to Tucson, AZ to paint the desert and to live in a more temperate environment. My work these days remains colourful and abstract. The desert is my muse. I paint sunset landscapes and deconstructed landscapes (abstractions). In 2010 I started to license my images to specific manufacturers and in 2015 I decided to take those home decor and clothing items and start to market them myself as Artful Living. My goal is and remains to make art more accessible to the general public and remove the entitled and exclusivity barriers to art that many people hold. By placing art on these items people can start to add colour and art to their home and wardrobe and become more comfortable about living with art. And as they can afford it ismy hope that they then purchase original art as well.

I now continue to paint and sell my work online and in person, in galleries and through referrals. My website is

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