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  • Reaching for the Sky

Josy Britton, SCA, CSPWC

Josy sees the potential of “Heaven on Earth” in nature, especially when canoe tripping, and expresses this desire in her art.

Since graduating from Waterloo University with an Honours BA in Fine Art, Josy has enjoyed a 30 year career. Josy’s work has been published in International Artist’s Magazine in the Canadian Showcase for Master Painters of the World and as a Featured Artist, in the Book, “100 Ways to Paint Favorite Subjects”, and in Watercolor Magic Magazine as the 2005 Watermedia Showcase first prize recipient for landscapes.  Josy is the Open Water 2010 recepient of the A.J. Casson Medal.

Josy paints sunlight’s effects on colour.  In her watercolours this involves using only the primaries, creating overlapping jewels in a mosaic technique originally inspired by her love of Impressionism.  Josy has developed a new technique using watercolours on yupo paper which involves completely covering the paper and then painting by subtraction.  Josy's oils have stokes influenced by all her years of watercolour painting.  Josy has recently been creating encaustic works which challenge her love of details.  She is currently represented by River Road Gallery, Grand Bend, ON.

When you understand Josy’s paintings it will change the way you see when you walk through the woods.

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