• Red in the Face
  • Rock Face
  • Decaying Leaves
  • Orbital Motion
  • Multifaceted Gyrations
  • Jubilation
  • Opposites
  • Spheres in Space
  • Revolution
  • Good Vibrations IV
  • Good Vibrations V
  • Good Vibrations
  • Gyrating PLanes XI
  • Gyrating Planes VIII
  • Chase the Demons
  • Cubic Gyrations III
  • Cubic Gyrations
  • Multifaceted Gyrations III
  • Multifaceted Gyrations
  • Multifaceted Gyrations VIII

Roger Sutcliffe, SCA

Roger Sutcliffe is a Nepean-based painter and printmaker with 18 years of experience painting in oils and acrylics, and printmaking using classical and modern techniques for over 4 years. He is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists. He has a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Ottawa School of Art, and completed several workshops in painting and printmaking at Haliburton College of Art and Design.

Roger started exhibiting in 2012, and has had over 10 solo exhibitions, and participated in over 60 shows including juried, group, and touring exhibitions.

Roger is inspired to explore innovative processes and create abstract images that allow him freedom of expression to respond to ideas that stimulate or engage his academic curiosity. His work is a combination of responses to his environment and immersion in the material process of making objects, frequently leading to an intense focus concentrating on using one process or a combination of processes throughout a series, and often with one line of inquiry leading to another.

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