• Wonderland
  • Spring on the Farm
  • Silence of Winter
  • Rocky Shore
  • Reach for the Sun
  • Open Road. Spring
  • Last Light
  • Birch Grove
  • "Rock and Rapids"
  • "Quebec Farming Country near Jay Peak"
  • "Oxtongue River Rapids"
  • "Old Mill Site, Actinolite"
  • "First Kiss of Spring"
  • "Big Rock"
  • "Autumn in the Wind"
  • "Rock Cut, Smoke Creek"

Kathy Haycock, SCA

Kathy began weaving tapestries, then worked in stained glass and pastels before plunging into oil painting in 1998.

Largely self-taught, Kathy’s interpretation is strongly influenced by her father, Arctic artist Maurice Haycock and by his close painting partner and family friend of 30 years, A. Y. Jackson.

Kathy’s lively landscapes are painted on site in all seasons. Her subject matter is the wilderness around her – near her home close to Algonquin Park, the Canadian Arctic, and the American Southwest. Captivated by the immediate, exuberant experience of being within the landscape, Kathy feels and conveys humble respect and wonder for the power yet fragility of the natural world. She hopes through her paintings to convey the importance of preserving wilderness areas, articulated in a gentle rhythmic style, expressive brushstrokes and earthy palette.

Kathy is represented in private, public and corporate collections across Canada, and in the USA, Europe, China and Australia

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Tel: 613-628-1388