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Sharon MacKinnon, SCA

Sharon has kayaked Greenland and Canada’s Baffin Bay, rafted in Costa Rica, hiked New Zealand, skied the Rockies, biked in Thailand, and raced a Masters World Cup. Her sketch book and paints always travel with her!

"Combining adventure with painting is the ultimate joy"


Sharon received her Master of Education from the University of Toronto and has extensive teaching experience. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, the Ontario Society of Artists and the Polar Art Group. She is the founding education chairperson of the Huronia School of Arts.

In 2006, the Huronia Museum published “North Country”- a catalogue of Sharon’s work.

Sharon’s paintings hang at Canadian Embassies in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and South Africa, and at Canadian High Commissions in India and Sri Lanka.

"Join the adventure this August to the High Arctic on Sharon’s fourth painting cruise as artist-in-residence."


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Tel: 705-549-3224