Maryann Hendriks, SCA

“In the garden, my hands are filled with wonderfully twisted bundles of flowers, twigs and grasses.
I collect snips here and there as I travel.  Like to physically touch nature with my hands.  Many moons before I was a florist.  I insert posies in one of my numerous vases. A foreshortened digital image, atypical angle predominant.

In the studio, my hands are filled with brushes, knives, scraping implements. Hardware supplies that I have amassed over the years. Like to physically touch paint with my hands. In this new moon, I am an Artist.”

Maryann Hendriks finds her language in brightly coloured semi-abstract Still Life Genre, in brushes loaded down with paint, in multiple marks and layers, passages of washes, gels and juicy gobs of acrylic materials.  Form, space and texture lend themselves well to the play. A lifelong love of flowers clearly evident.


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