• Seawater's Swell
  • At the Edge
  • Folds of Life
  • Simplicity
  • Freedom and Love
  • Raindrops and Shadowcasts
  • Voyageur Prince
  • White Silence
  • Winter's Sleep
  • Wisdom
  • Nature's Dynamic
  • Reflections
  • Fade to Black

Angela Verlaeckt Clark , SCA

Angela Verlaeckt Clark, born in Sherbrooke, Québec, is an abstract stone sculptor and poet, who currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.  Living abroad for many years heightened her appreciation for the diversity of art in other cultures.  'Art and the need for self-expression, is the common denominator we share, the world over!'  Creative and imaginative, Angela gravitated toward interior design at university; it taught her the need to be organized and disciplined, skills now evident in her sculpting techniques.  Her sculpture and its accompanying poetry record the emotional and spiritual connection she feels for the earth and with her Abenaki ancestry.  Angela exhibited with the Society of Women Artists in the UK and the Royal Society of British Artists, eventually being short-listed for membership with the RSBA before moving to the USA.  She also exhibited in numerous galleries in London, including Thompson’s Gallery and the Sheridan Russell Gallery.  Angela is represented by the Gordon Harrison Gallery in Ottawa, the Pilar Shephard Gallery in PEI, the Wellington Street Gallery, Toronto and the Galerie Outaouais in Québec.  Her first book, ‘Witness Stones and Reflections’ was published in 2010, and was followed by ‘Folds of Life’, in 2012.

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