Sook Chang, SCA

Born in South Korean, Sook Chang grew up in a rural community surrounded by mountains. Equally talented both in Math and art, she painted throughout her university years while majoring in Statistics. She participated in several group shows in Korea. After migrating to Canada, she was reminded of her childhood and hometown by Canadian landscape; her oppressed passion for art became uncontrollable and she resumed painting.

In 2014, Sook quit her job and travelled to Morocco to focus on painting. Beside a Plein Air workshop, she took an Arabic Mosaic class while doing Artist in Residence in Tetouan, Morocco. The original intension was to develop her techniques as a Plein Air Artist; however, her experiences in Morocco and her exploration of the Arabic mosaic transformed her art and artistic perspectives. The changes first occurred through her landscape paintings first and were irresistible.

In 2016, she had a great opportunity to be able to complete many of the new works of her “Seng-Sa-De-Sa”(a Korean philosophy about life and death) series at the Varley Gallery’s McKay Art Centre in Unionville, Canada.

She currently paints in Toronto and often visits her family in South Korea. In 2016, she received a grant from United Way to run a Seniors Art Project at the Bathurst-Finch Hub in North York. Besides painting and teaching, she loves hiking, camping, and gardening. She has been leading the Northview Community Learning Garden in Toronto.

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