Marilyn Blumer/Cochrane, SCA

Marilyn Blumer Cochrane is an award winning artist, interpreting Canadian landscape painting in a new and unique way. She incorporates a rich juxtaposition of natural crystals with her painted landscapes. She has graduated with fine Arts Honours from: McGill university, Montreal; Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Toronto, and The American College of Art, Paris France.

I begin my creative process with the stones. These natural minerals and crystals are nature's artworks - mysterious and beautiful. They are the inspiration for the paintings, each one my response to the energy, lines and colours of the stone that I am contemplating.

Each painting is created with about twenty glazes of colour, every layer adding to the richness of the image.

Tree Series

Trees are sentinels of the earth, witness to passing time, to change, but also to unending renewal. Each has it's own unique expression of life, and I strive to portray this vibrant quality and depth in my paintings. I aim to transform their living essence into painted creations that flow with their own life, drawing the viewer into wondrous reflections of our world.

Echoes Series

Echoes flow, circling between my painted landscapes and these natural jewels from the earth.

See Marilyn's web site for all paintings in these Series.

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