• salvation
  • the beginning
  • hiccups
  • keening
  • swoosh
  • cacophony
  • clinking chains
  • pinwheel
  • finding your way
  • Euphonies
  • Crack!
  • another place
  • the jewel
  • Eden's choice
  • apocalypse
  • happy hour
  • from sea to sea to sea
  • intricacies
  • jumble

Patricia Carroll, SCA

As an abstract expressionist painter Patricia plays with paint, making marks and then responding to those marks through a combination of spontaneous and thoughtful conversations with the work.

These conversations, affected by personal and archetypal experiences, occur consciously and subconsciously. A successful painting emerges from this happy struggle.

Colour, texture and rhythm play critical roles in creating a dynamic interplay with the audience and evoking sensual experiences. Her paintings glow as she lays down layer upon layer of transparent colours.

She analyses and celebrates living things and the essence of creation through her abstract expressionist works. She sees the magic of creation everywhere and attempts to depict this by using textures, mark-making, overlays and washes of a limited palette of mainly transparent acrylics. The eye dances throughout, alighting here and there in sheer pleasure as this magic is discovered.

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