• Poppies
  • Illumination
  • The Party's Over
  • On the Move
  • Swinging the Blues

Zora Buchanan, SCA, OSA, BFA

“My paintings are bursts of energy that emerge from my soul in an abstract way. The vibrant colours I use reflect the joy I experience in life, and my passion for flowers and gardens.”

Zora received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba In 1977, is a past president of SCA, a member of the Ontario Society of Artists. Zora has been a member of The Arts & Letters Club since women were admitted in 1985. She has been Chair of its Art Committee (twice), Board member (twice), and initiated and chaired the NEXT! Ontario wide art exhibition sponsored by the Club in 2015. Zora has exhibited her work extensively in Canada and Scotland. In 2005 she was invited to exhibit paintings in the First Biennale of Contemporary Art in Arad, Romania. In 2007, Zora won the Vancouver Federation of Canadian Artists Barry Chadwick Award

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