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Angela Verlaeckt Clark , SCA


Angela Verlaeckt Clark – Atelier Verlaeckt Clark


“Some objects do seem to retain the pulse of their making.” The Hare with Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal.


I sense this same deep past in my stones.

I am a Canadian abstract sculptor and poet who produces enduring, tactile, elegant stone sculptures evoking the opposing forces of strength and spirituality I sense within a stone. A rare dialogue and bond are forged when I feel its tangible energy and power. This is the most compelling component of my art and inspires a poem to complement each sculpture. My objective is to decipher the stone’s mystery, its history and traces of past emotion, narrowing the gap between strength and beauty.

I approach this physically demanding medium with determination, conviction and organization and I finish each sculpture with a base designed to complement the work. I encourage the viewer to use their sense of touch when admiring a sculpture to fully comprehend its nuances.

I am an elected member of both the Sculptors Society of Canada and the Society of Canadian Artists. I am a member of the International Sculpture Centre in the USA.


I am also listed in the Library and Archives of the National Gallery of Canada.


Warm Glass

Angela Verlaeckt Clark – Atelier Verlaeckt Clark


I am inspired by a 4000 year old art form, patterned fabric and the richness of Asian textiles. I create around a mood of joy.

My warm glass art is a magical fusion of beauty, strength, and artistic inspiration  and it glitters with light and transparency!

Colour and composition excite me, and instinct guides me. Possibilities seem endless.

From large sheets of coloured glass I cut a foundation shape, then layer successive shapes and colours. The result is a multi-dimensional, multi-coloured texture. Often I use organic and non-glass materials within layers of glass, to create more interest.

My glass is fired slowly in a special glass kiln, allowing time for expansion and contraction. As the temperature rises in the kiln the glass liquefies and the various layers fuse into a riot of richly hued, vibrant, joyous colours fracturing in the light. ‘Pure magic’ is how I describe the moment I open the kiln.

The initial piece is slumped in a kiln over a mold during an additional firing giving it a 3rd dimension.

Wood and different textures of stainless steel form the backdrop for my warm glass art.

My glass is enduring, inspirational and architectural.

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