• "From A Shore Walk II"
  • "In Algonquin"
  • "On Georgian Bay"
  • "Lake Joseph Rocks"
  • "Green Canoe"
  • "Lake Shore Grass"
  • "The Red Bush"
  • "Floating Lilly Pads"

Johanna Van Kempen, SCA

Born and educated in Germany Johanna came to Canada in 1971. With strong emphasis on colour and composition she creates works of great strength in watercolour, oil and acrylic, ranging from intricate realism to impressionism, with the aspiration to create in the viewer a feeling of joy and admiration for what man has been given to cherish and protect

The Canadian landscape in its ruggedness continues to be the main inspiration for her colourful, award-winning work, which has attracted a loyal following from private and corporate collectors over the past 25 years.

“Nature fills me with awe and wonder. I am fascinated by the diversity and the many moods she presents herself. I get excited by the rhythm in design and colour – every line and form telling a story – urging me to join in and create a piece of art which celebrates life in all its beauty.”

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