Lissi Legge, SCA

Painting is a companion with whom one may walk a great part of life's journey... Winston Churchill

It is an absorbing journey that has given me a greater appreciation for the colours of the world and focused my attention on the fascinating qualities of nature. Enjoyment, reflection, determination, and research are all signposts along the way. This is not a whirlwind tour, over loaded with luggage, but an opportunity to sightsee, interact and squeeze out luscious pigments. It is important to have a good time, feel the exhilaration of the brilliant hues and rejoice in the opportunity to make art. Boldly going where I want, rejoicing in planning my own itinerary, having my imagination stirred and savouring in the prospects of new horizons. Painting, like life is a journey not a destination, and it is too short to paint drably.

Lissi Legge is a Copenhagen born, Calgary based, oil painter.

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Tel: 403-243-5344