About the Society of Canadian Artists

Fostering the visibility and stature of the visual arts in Canada

The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) is a national, non-profit artists’ organization dedicated to expanding the visibility and stature of the visual arts. SCA has representation in all of the visual arts media. We respect our historical roots, are aware of our current world, and are future-minded.

Officially founded in 1972 (although germinating since 1957), the Society of Canadian Artists is the young, national, non-profit artists’ organization born to foster and celebrate the visual arts in Canada. We are a collection of some of the country’s most committed traditional and new media artists and we welcome the new, the up-and-coming and the established.

What the Society does:

  • Fosters a community for artists through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and communications
  • Recognizes the highest qualities in art through a program of awards
  • Organizes and administers public exhibitions of the work of members and non-members , adhering to a standard of artistic excellence
  • Provides leadership within the arts community in Canada through the encouragement of original, artistic expression and experimentation in all media and all visual art forms

Society of Canadian Artists Board of Directors, Officers, and Regional Representatives 2017-2018



Ortansa Moraru, SCA (Director) ortansa.moraru@rogers.com

Past President

Ann Kruzelecky, SCA akruzelecky@gmail.com

1st Vice-President

Peter Gough, SCA (Director) petergough.art@bellaliant.net


Kathy Hildebrandt, SCA (Director) khilde@shaw.ca


Krista Hasson, SCA (Director) art@kristahasson.com


Chair, Exhibitions

Karin Richter, SCA (Director) karinrichter@shaw.ca 403-272-1471

Chair, Membership

David Harrison, SCA (Director) theartcoach@shaw.ca  403-281-5919

Chair, Associate Membership


Chair, Communications

Ann Harvey, SCA (Director) adria.ann@sympatico.ca

Chair, Finance Committee

Amanda Kalcic, CPA, CGA, Associate, Bookkeeper a_kalcic@hotmail.com

Chair, Honours and Awards Committee

Mary Elizabeth Duggan, SCA

Chair, Newsletter Committee, Editor/Layout

Marissa Sweet, SCA (Director)  marissa.sweet@rogers.com

Chair, Publicity Committee

Andrea Howson, SCA (Director) andreaghowson@gmail.com

Chair, Social Media Committee

Sheila Schaetzle, SCA (Director) sschaetz@telus.net

Chair, Website Committee

Ann Kruzelecky, SCA akruzelecky@gmail.com 

Directors at Large

Edward Ming You Xu, SCA (Director) mingyouxu.sca@outlook.com


Atlantic Representative

Krista Hasson, SCA (Director) art@kristahasson.com

Ontario Representative

Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek, SCA  elathepainter@gmail.com

Quebec Representative

Raymond Quenneville, SCA (Director) rayque@webnet.qc.ca

Western Representative

Conny Jager, SCA artbyjager@yahoo.ca

Elizabeth Malara-Wieczorek