Claudia Jean McCabe, SCA

Tarry a while, O elusive Muse!, and teach me more of wonderment....... Be by my side and paint with me. Prithee, teach me of trust and patience. Tell me of soul cravings and courageous heart, of holding on............and letting go. Of dreams. And when day is done and brushes still, pray fill my heart with joyful thanks and hope-filled promise that we will meet again........ on the morrow.

("Prayer to A Muse", c.j. mccabe, SCA)

Montreal-born Claudia Jean McCabe is a recognized Canadian painter, graphic designer, teacher....and dreamer. This award-winning artist is represented in Canada by Buckingham Fine Art Ltd., Uxbridge; Meta4 Gallery, Port Perry; Perivale Gallery, Manitoulin Island; and Sandra Whitton Gallery, Kingston. McCabe's paintings are held in private, corporate and government collections worldwide.

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