• By the Tracks
  • Distant Fog, Charlevoix
  • Au Carre, St. Louis
  • Sunrise
  • The Rapids
  • On the Lookout
  • Cliffs at Lake Superior
  • Tenders
  • Good Spot
  • Place Youville, Vieux Montreal
  • The Lombards
  • Painting on location, Charlevoix
  • Watching the artists
  • Mountaintop Farm
  • The crossroads
  • The woodpile
  • "Spring is Near, Charlevoix"
  • "Mirabel Sugar Shack"
  • "au coeur du village"
  • "The Shortcut"
  • "Firewood"

Helmut Langeder, SCA

As a fine artist, Helmut is self taught and had little or no formal training. His only oil Painting class was in 1970’s at Sadie Bronfman Centre for one session and with Chui Wang several years later. Then he practiced Watercolor Techniques with Jacques Hébert.

Inspired by the French Impressionist Artists, the Canadian Group of Seven, and by artists like Emile A Groupé, Maurice Cullen and Clarence Gagnon, Helmut has shaped his future and reputation in the fine arts. After many years as a painter he takes great pride in sharing his knowledge giving workshops to artist groups. He also teaches in his own studio. Helmut is also a member of IAF, Institut des Arts Figuratifs and LAA, Lakeshore Association of Artists.

In 2008 The Society of Canadian Artists awarded him a FIRST PRIZE at the National Online Show. In 2011 he was awarded FIRST PRIZE at the “National Painting Contest” in Baie-Saint-Paul. For a full list of exhibitions and Galleries go to his website.

Helmut’s works can be seen among many private and corporate collections across Canada and beyond.

“In both his landscapes and city scenes one senses a luminosity and ambiance that are out of the ordinary”

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Tel: 514-428-0726
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