Charline Gardhouse, SCA

Charline Gardhouse is a native of Toronto, Ontario who works primarily in watercolour. She likes to experiment with the medium in a non-conformist way using the non-objective, abstract approach, to express her own persional viewpoint on many different subjects. Charline believes that painting is her way of making a connection with people on an emotional level. For the past 20 years she has been studying with Art Teachers from Canadea, The U.S.A., South America and Australia. She has won many awards and is a Signature Member at the Bronze Level of the Toronto Watercolour Society, an Elected Member of the Colour and Form Society and an Elected Member of The Society of Canadian Artists. She is also an active member of the Humber Valley Art Club, the Don Valley Art Club and The Etobicoke Art Group.

She is noted for her clean transparent, bold, passionate approach to expressing her unique handling of the subject matter and has won many awards for her paintings.

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