Ronald Regamey, SCA

Born of Swiss and German descent, Ronald Regamey was born in Ontario after his parents immigrated to Canada in the sixties. While he and his family of eight siblings did not have much, Ronald was motivated to take control of his life. After studying fine arts at the Okanagan College, Ronald moved to Switzerland in the late 80’s.

Continuing his studies abroad, Ronald attended ceramic school and completed his education as a ceramist. His career took a turn, and he began working with the developmentally disabled. Focussing on creativity and daily care, Ronald continued his studies of both social work, and the arts. Now living back in Canada, Ronald’s work represents an accumulation of his life.

Interested in approaching the unapproachable while embracing forms, shapes and colors, Ronald is attracted to mediums that support his own exploration. This journey allows Ronald to create truly unique work, which stems from the unusual path, which his life has taken.

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