Janet MacKay, SCA

Since 1999, Janet balanced her art with her industrial design career, working on public art and outdoor bronze projects with the National Capital Commission. Since 2007, she has devoted her time fully to her art; creating bronze sculpture and oil paintings out of “Worldview Studio” located in Ottawa’s Sandy Hill neighbourhood. Her sculptures, more often than not, use the human form to convey her fascination with the beauty, mystery and recurring cycles in relationships as well as the pure joy of existence. The style of her sculptures is reminiscent of Art Nouveau.

She has explored many themes over the years – from Fairies, to the family relationships, dance, the drama, the excitement of Wagner’s Ring Cycle opera, and most recently capturing the awe and magnificence of whales.

Janet’s fascination with pattern, light and the beauty of the world and universe is reflected in her oil paintings. Janet’s painting style has been compared to that of the Group of Seven – but with her own special twist to it, making it uniquely hers. Presently Janet is working on a series of paintings focusing on the reflections of boats of all kinds – from the iconic Canadian red canoe to fishing boats from the east coast.

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