• Three Boats
  • Quiet Water II
  • Field of Colours II
  • Quiet Water I
  • Field of Poppies
  • Field of Colours I
  • Arbutus I

Deborah Czernecky, SCA

Deborah Czernecky calls Canada her "Big Back Yard".  She has a life long passion for nature, especially its spirituality, and paint.  Deborah has traveled widely to explore various painting locations ranging from western to eastern Canada, the USA and abroad to Europe and Central America.  The diverse scenery she has encountered from location to location has heightened her sense of landscape formation, colours and patterns.  She combines elements of abstraction and traditional realism in her en plein air oil sketches and studio paintings.  With respect to the spiritual aspect of her work, the simplicity of a landscape displays a great power.  "It commands respect for nature, exposing how insignificant I am - a small integral part of the environment."

Formal Art Education:

1997-98: Ottawa University - Fine Arts.
1995-96: Mission Renaissance School - Old Masters' Technique.
1992-94: St Lawrence College - Fine Arts Diploma, graduated with Distinction.

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