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"I believe in unity, diversity, proportions, contrast, balance and the unexpected."

Bianka Guna’s paper works are potent: blossoming with passion, energy and questions. Her personal lexicon of mark making is tempered by her desire to push the boundaries of the various mediums she works in. In watercolor, Guna allows her pigments to furl outward creating an afterglow once her brush has passed. With a vivid style, Guna’s abstractions appear like photographs, to contain a sense of the past and a portentous inkling of what may come. They explore the possibility of shared symbols and myths.

Bianka creates dramatic abstract images that grasp at reality, but are sufficiently divorced from the material world to allow the imagination to breathe. Guna believes in unity, diversity, proportions, contrast, balance and the unexpected. Her images are dynamic, juxtaposing materials, colors and textures. Elegant in design and complex in purpose, Guna’s paper works are to be relished.

Bianka Guna works at her studio in the Distillery District, Toronto. She studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science in Romania, before travelling across North America, Europe and the Middle East. Guna became fascinated by the imagery shared by each of these divergent geographies and cultures. She studied art in Minneapolis and has participated in Solo and Group Exhibitions across the United States and Canada. She is an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists, as well as the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, the Toronto Watercolour Society and the Israeli Group of Artists in Toronto.

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Contact Bianka

Atelier The Distillery District 15 Case Goods Lane Studio #211
Toronto, ON, CANADA
M5A 3C4
Tel: 416-5204607