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Deborah Lougheed Sinclair, SCA

The Canadian landscape is vital to my art, and I consider the Canadian Rockies my artistic home. My acrylic paintings portray a sense of realism, which from my perspective is an important element for a sense of place in the real world.

Each work is a collection of elements, put together to relate a particular visual experience at a particular moment in time, rather than being a photographic record of a particular location. I am also interested in the more abstract compositional aspects of the work, particularly with respect to the influences of shape, shadows, changing light, varied seasons, and fluid motion; which are juxtaposed against the permanence of the land. I am a descendant of many generations of Canadian pioneers and early Hudson Bay employees and recently I have been exploring my indigenous roots, which include Chinook and Northern Cree.

Visions of the traders, explorers, and first nation people come to mind while following some of the same routes through the Rockies that my early ancestors travelled. Totems figure prominently in these works as powerful symbols of kinship, legend, and spirituality.

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