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Marie-Josee Leroux, SCA

Marie-Josée Leroux, alias Lerou, is a stone carver, based in Montreal. Her artistic approach is oriented around the mystery and the unconscious, in an attempt to identify and capture the unspoken. Influenced by the work of Carl Jung and his definition of the unconscious and the archetypes, she is guided by the underlying forces coming from the unconscious. For Jung, to recognize the existence and influence of the collective unconscious is to recognize that "we are not of today, nor yesterday, we are of a great age". Similarly, when she addresses the stone, she begins an adventure, a journey. The characters that emerge represent mythical beings and timeless, archetypal forces from our human history. Technically, she is attached to the representation of the human body, not tinged with realism, but through the round, simple and stylized shapes, lines, suggestions, reflecting mainly the soul, the expression, the sensuality, the emotion.

Lerou is Chairman of the Board of the Quebec Sculpture Council. She is Manager, Canada for AIESM, an international association of events in monumental sculptures based in Rome. She was leader of a Canadian delegation at the Salon of the Society of Fine arts in Paris (SNBA) held at the Carrousel du Louvre, from 8 to 12 December 2011 where she received the "Honor award SNBA 2011 " for her sculpture " Aquarius.

Lerou exhibited in Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Bruxelles, Cannes. We find her monumental stone sculpture in China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, France and six of these in Canada. In 2016, she was invited as member of the prestigious jury of the 5th JimoQindao International Monumental Sculpture in Jimo, China.

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