Elaine Funnell, SCA, CSPWC, BAC, SCA

Elaine works and lives in her rural acreage home near Devon, Alberta.  Surrounded by her love of nature on an old growth forest, provides her with the inspiration and focus for her detailed botanic watercolour and graphite paintings.

She enjoys the precision of detail, the trueness of colour and the dedication required to bring her subjects to life.

Elaine continues to exhibit her work in various galleries throughout Alberta, Toronto, New Brunswick and Yellowknife, NWT. Her work can be found in the AFA (Alberta Foundation For The Arts), The Lois Hole Hospital For Women, Robins Pavillion, The Mazenkowski Heart Institute, Quiet Rooms, City of Spruce Grove, County of Parkland Art Collections, private collections in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Australia.

Elaine is an elected member of the CSPWC (Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour), the SCA (Society of Canadian Artists) and the BAC (Botanic Artists of Canada).

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