George Langbroek, SCA

My exploration of that most controversial of life’s urges – the passions of eros, never ceases, fascinate and stimulate my imagination.

As an artist who is a Christian I have often used Solomons Song of Songs as inspiration and guide. This song or poem contains some exquisite love lyrics and is very explicit sexually, as I believe my work does as well, my work has often been referred to as visual poetry. It proclaims an integrated wholeness that is at the centre of a selfgiving journey of discovery and fulfillment. We men and women are made physically, emotionally and spiritually to live in love.

In my work passion and eros are not squashed under Christian prohibitions and puritanical restrictions to control the lustful body, rather (despite our selfish failures in love)  the body is to be celebrated as a gift for mutual union and gratification of two diverse personalities who are in love.

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