Jean-Pierre Neveu, SCA

I am an artist painter since 53 years. Since the past 29 years, my imagination has taken me to create a  world which belongs to me, rich in new images emanating from even my dream world.

For more than thirty years my main subject of artistic explorations was to reproduce scenes of wild forest rich in realisms with a very fine detail. Came a time given that I did not think according to my values of artistic creations, do adequately my job of painter creator ... I reproduiced something that was already existed. The creation was at it’s maximum for me, comfort zone too easy ... Therefore I put  myself a in creative mode in order to develop a new world to be updated with new laws of developments and it is where was born my universe of AVA.

The  complexity  of  my  imagitating  universe  was  so  that  I  decided  to  write  a  novel:  ‘’Le  Perceur d’Univers’’ tome I, in order to deliver the beauties and mysteries of this universe.

Later, in order to give another more realistic dimension in my painting, I have therefore developed a  3D  technique  to  embellish  the  viewing  of  my  paintings,  which  gave  the  result  to  further accentuate the  dimension of depth in the fields of depths in a table by the use of colors, to make them  more  spectacular  for  the  observer.  Since  then  I  did  not  cease  to  develop  this  personal technique that I developed after 7 years of research.

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