Peter Cheung, SCA

My love of art began at very early age, although I was not able to pursue it due to family commitments. But later in life, when circumstance permitted, I decided to leave the corporate world and commit myself to become a full time artist. I first learned art from a famous Chinese painting Master with ink and water. I later incorporated the fast and strong brush work from Chinese painting into my western oils and watercolours. My philosophy for creating art is to emanates energy, life-force and movement. I view the canvas as an extension of the world around me, to capture that moment in time with no filter but only my interpretation.


In order to create the energy and movement, I forgo the preliminary sketch and under paint, instead I spend the time to study the subject until I am ready to paint directly on the canvas. This free-style approach is the only way to harmoniously connect the energy and the movement of the brush. With this, a transcendent experience is created between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer  

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