• Three Apples Two Stems
  • Ice Series Bois Laval
  • Ice Dragons
  • Dysfunctional Family Portrait
  • Clouds over 115 County Road 3 Byron MN
  • Cincinnatti Shuffle
  • Be Careful
  • A Crone's Infatuation

David Bircher, SCA

David Bircher has performed photography and music for more than half a century. As a career hornist in L’Orchestre Symphonique de Québec he practiced a parallel vocation in photography.


"Art photography not only provided me with an outlet for visual communication but served to counterbalance the rigors of the physical and transitory nature of music performance."

Traditional monochrome images, including historical processes became his preferred media. The American photographers George Tice, Paul Caponigro and Minor White influenced David’s artistic development in various photographic genres. The colour work here represents a new direction in his work.

"I love to produce images that skirt the fine line between photographic reality and abstraction."

David has mounted several solo exhibitions in Québec and has exhibited throughout Newfoundland. In 2005 he was selected to participate in the First International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Arad, Romania.

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Tel: 418-657-2574