• Aurora
  • Rio
  • Being Mana
  • Bathing in the Light
  • Rebirth
  • Serene in Nature
  • Time to Breathe
  • Silence Within
  • Return to the Origin
  • Graceful Pause
  • The Unrevealed Path
  • Spellbound in Eden
  • The Tree of Life
  • My redemption
  • The Golden Pear
  • Angelic Daydream
  • To the Other Side
  • Over the Edge
  • Soma
  • Blissful Reverie

Frantisek Strouhal, SCA

It is in my studio that I become most creative. I feel in perfect harmony with myself, totally absorbed in the moment. There is no time. My creativity just flowers.

I enjoy the process of bringing the light out of the darkness in the artwork by erasing, clapping, and rubbing some of the inked layers off. The piece, all of a sudden, has a life of its own and is guiding my next move. I am totally driven by it.

An essential aspect of my art explores thoughts and inspirations of an existential nature and investigates the interaction and harmony between the spiritual and the physical world. My work exists to connect with others in contemplation, and peace. It is not static but invites interaction.

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