• "Sparkling Light"
  • "Backroad Laurentians"
  • "Reflections Of Fall"
  • "In The Bay"
  • "Evening Glow"
  • "The Cove"
  • "Emilys Bridge"
  • "Passing Through"

John Alexander Day, SCA, OSA

Nature is a wonderful teacher who continues to surprise and inspire me while working plein-air. The experience of working on location and seeing everything ‘first hand’ I think helps keeps my work fresh. This is mainly why I continue to work only from my outdoor sketches and not work based on photos. Back home in my studio I will use these paintings done on location to produce work of a more substantial nature. I try to put more into these studio works at the same time retaining the same feeling as the smaller works. By doing this, it is my hope to convey in each of my paintings a real “sense of place” to the viewer.

John Alexander Day

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