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SCA Newsletter deadlines for submissions are January 15, June 15, and September 15. (and will be published early the following month).

SEND SUBMISSIONS TO THE EDITOR, Graham Scholes, SCA and put 'SCA NEWS SUBMISSION Member' or 'SCA NEWS SUBMISSION Associate' in the subject line. 

Please read - IMPORTANT :

  • News may include exhibitions, awards, workshops, art-related announcements, photos, etc., (as well as completed articles or book reviews by SCA members).
  • TEXT Attachments MUST BE IN MS-WORD FORMAT (or typed into your in the body of your email)
  • IMAGES IN JPEG FORMAT ONLY (150 dpi min. and under 500kb each).

Please send images separate from your document with the title and medium if it is an image of your artwork. Proof your information and submit it exactly as you would like it to appear in the newsletter – written in 3rd person – ie: she, he.

Please do not send lengthy information which must be edited or searched through to find the relevant details. These submissions will not be used. Clear photos (jpgs) of your work are wonderful, but please DO NOT send jpgs for promotional pieces such as flyers, cards and posters to advertise Exhibition Openings or Events…we cannot reproduce them. Thank-you