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Leah Dockrill, SCA


My academic education includes degrees in education, library science and law. In addition I have established a thirty-year art practice of painting, collage, and digital art. I have exhibited my work in the U.S. and Canada and I have won numerous awards, such as the Gold Artist Award (August 2018) and the Bronze Artist Award (April 2019) from ArtAscent : Art & Literature Journal.


Within the past couple of years I have had two solo exhibitions of collage in Toronto (both at branches of the Toronto Public Libraries system) and a solo exhibition of my paintings at Rosedale United Church Gallery in Toronto. 


In recent months sixteen art and literature reviews have published my paintings and collages.


My collage gallery and a selection of my acrylic paintings can be viewed on my website www.leahdockrill.net


I currently reside in Toronto with my husband and two Siberian Neva Masquerade cats.




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