Steven Wilson, SCA


An Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Member of the Colour and Form Society, Artist, Teacher, Juror, Steve has been actively involoved in the art community:

  • 2012-2014 Board of Directors, VP of Exhibitions, Society of Canadian Artists
  • 2005-2007 President, Beaux-Arts Brampton (Beaux-Arts Brampton operates 2 galleries, 1 workshop and 9 working studios)
  • 2003-2005 Board member, Marketing and Promotions, Beaux-Arts Brampton
  • 2001-2003 Vice President, Mississauga Art Society
  • 2004 and 2005 Studios Committee, Beaux-Arts Brampton’s,
  • 2011-2014 Beaux-Arts Brampton, initiated, organized, co-juror, chaired committee for WNN juried show with Daphne Odjig and Charles Pachter

Represented by galleries and with shows across Canada, the United States and Australia.

"Dating, Social Media Style" by Steve Wilson, SCA, CFS Acrylic and AquaResin on Canvas 28"x38"

Artist Statement:

A self taught artist working in a discipline that is definitely unique, I have created a unique art form that has been drawing attention in the art community, by combining a 3 dimensional image in a 2 dimensional space I incorporating the human form into my art to represent the human spirit, without the human aspect art would not exist. I explore the natural past and present of our environment, also an insight into the fantasy realm is evident in my work.
I arrived at my present art form by searching for a unique visual that was mine, when you see one of my pieces you know it’s a Steve Wilson, over the last 8 years I have been experimenting with different materials to create a stronger, lighter and more durable 3 dimensional element to my canvas, by combining a body cast with sculpture and paint to produce this final art piece.

I have spent many years of research, testing and cost experimenting with many different products including combining material to get to my present discipline while trying to work with environmentally friendly material , I am now using Aqua Resin mounted on canvas and Acrylic/Oil.

A commitment to the creative process with constant growth through experience. Art is very subjective, what you enjoy may differ from my views; I respect everyone’s art as each artist puts their soul into their piece, the degree of skill may vary but the intent remains the same.

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