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Michelle Basic Hendry, SCA

Michelle Basic Hendry's paintings are inspired by decaying ruins of the rural landscape. Secrets lie within the walls of old buildings. Some whisper their stories, some echo with voices when no one is there. Others still are silent and the weight of a struggle between life and death lingers.

Sparked by the desire to know the history behind the places in her paintings, Michelle has also collected the stories behind them in her recently released book "Once Imagined" available now. Through research and interviews conducted while paintings were in progress, legends mixed with the everyday lives of the men and women who built these early buildings, told by those who knew them before the last traces of their legacies fade away.

Michelle is a multiple award winning artist both locally and regionally. She holds an Honours Degree from the University of Toronto and a Diploma with Distinction from Georgian College in Graphic Design. She has instructed at Georgian College in Graphics Design and has sat as a founding member on the Board of the Arts Council of Muskoka. She has work in private collections in Canada, the US and the UK.

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