Barbara Simmons, SCA

“I did not choose watercolor; watercolor chose me. Without thinking of its significance, 
I naturally gravitated towards transparency in my painting. Color and light followed long before I ever touched a sable brush to a fine watercolor paper. 
My paintings are inspired by what I see around me. Copying a flower or a landscape is 
not my goal, but painting these subjects with the beauty that I see in them is.

Nature and continues to provide me with the answers to my color design questions.
My visible subjects in painting are flowers, landscape, still life, and the non-objective.

The underlying themes that these watercolors have in common are transparency, color, and light. At the same time, these qualities are also what draw me to paint a subject.”

Art is communication.  Art touches the heart and mind with its visual communication; words are not necessary. It is magical when the viewer understands your message upon viewing your work of art.

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