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  • "New Vision 7"
  • "Symphony"
  • "Soliloquy 3"
  • "Symphony 6"
  • Cherie Blue

Anne Barkley, SCA

Anne Barkley enjoys living on a farm in Eastern Ontario, near Ottawa, Canada. She has studied at Queen's and Carleton Universities. Barkley has attended numerous workshops in Canada and the United States, and she has also taught many classes and workshops. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and belongs to several other art groups and organizations. Her award-winning work is held in public and private collections across Canada, in the United States, Europe and the Cayman Islands. She utilizes physical and emotional intensity to get to that place where thought stops and intuition can have free rein, and she invites viewers’ participation and response, so that art as communication can take place.

Her tools are serenity, emotion, strength, determination, passion, harmony, freedom, paint, colour, design, shape, pattern, line, texture, value, edges and space, repetition with variety, movement and rhythm.

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