Janet Baker, SCA, CSPWC, OSA, CFS

Janet Baker’s path as an artist has been an ever-evolving journey of exploration and personal discovery. Her current focus is on assemblage, a practice that involves the incorporation of found materials into works such as “The Day The Circus Came To Town”.

Although Janet’s natural tendency to work in series has resulted in seemingly widely differing bodies of work over the past three and a half decades, her work as a whole, regardless of subject matter or inspiration, can be viewed as a trajectory that places joy in the process as paramount. The “given forces” that propel her work are a dedication to following her own instincts wherever that may lead, and in particular, an ongoing fascination with the concept of “what if…” and the challenge of finding her own answers to this question. In this realm, while what has gone before is without question the foundation for what is now, surprises rule the day.

In 2005, Janet enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Victoria, the beginning of a five-year hiatus from making art, during which time she took a double major in History in Art and Writing. At her 2010 graduation, she was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction. Janet’s writing has been included in Walk Myself Home: An Anthology To End Violence Against Women (2010, Caitlin Press Inc), How To Expect What You’re Not Expecting: Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood and Loss (Touchwood Editions 2013) and Vallum: Contemporary Poetry 12.2 (Fall 2015).

Janet continues to write and make art in her garden studio in Mississauga, and elsewhere.

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Tel: 905-277-9838