Graham Scholes, SCA

Fine Art has objectives that go beyond pure creativity and self-expression. For me the purpose of works of art is to: communicate ideas, create a sense of beauty, explore the nature of perception, and generate emotions. It is a sport that gives one great power. I can play God by moving mountains, houses, trees and any object that requires proper placement and location for good composition.

Improvisation and “I wonder what if” becomes a criteria when creating works, yet maintaining the mokuhanga as a traditional approach to multiple imagery in a truly original art form.

Interpretation of the eclectic subjects by bending the rules, and having the image create a dialogue with the audience is my objective.
Mokuhanga (Woodblock Printmaking) was the challenge that enticed me to move on from Watercolours. It also suited my nature in the fact that these were truly original prints and therefore unique.

Now after playing for 50 years at this Art thing, I’m glad that I did not listen to friends and family who said ....When are you going to get a real job?
It must be nice to be retired and have art as a hobby.
There is satisfaction in knowing that artist don’t retire they draw to a conclusion

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